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Accurate and timely proper photo documentation is a critical step to delivering successful estimates in an accurate and timely manner.  Here are a few simple tips which can help!  


Front Risk (front of house – not just house numbers). Do NOT upload Google images.  Do SHOW where the loss happened.

DO SHOW the affected & damaged areas.  Each room in your estimate should have a correlating labeled photograph.  


Clear, Upright& Labeled – If the picture came out blurry, take another one. Make sure ALL photos are turned the correct way & labeled. 


  • Label should include room & date (month/day/year).


  • When using Xactimate, make sure the photos are uploaded into Xactimate (not XactAnalysis) & a photo sheet is created.


Subrogation – If there is a potential for subrogation, DO take up-close photos of damaged parts.  Remember to photograph Serial & Part Numbers.


Drying – Do take photograph equipment placed on site.  Photo must be taken in areas BEFORE& AFTER drying.

Fire Loss – Photograph the swipe test to show amount of soot present.

February 12, 2018

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